Is Microsoft’s Search Engine Dying?

Search engines, those handy little Web interfaces that allow us to find sites based on the keyword that we enter, have been around practically since the Internet itself first came alive in the early 1990s. Some may remember Alta Vista, or even Ask Jeeves, engines that were very popular at the time. They were fairly effective because, at the time, the Web was fairly new and there weren’t millions of sites to index and search – and, therefore, results were fairly reliable. Microsoft, which at the time was producing the dominant operating system for computers, had its own version: MSN Search. Then, a couple of brilliant graduate Stanford students came along and started Google, and the whole search universe changed forever.

Catch Me If You Can

Fast-forward to today, and Google is by far the most dominant search engine, basically all over the world. Nobody has exact figures, but it appears that in the United States alone it commands somewhere around 80% of the market. Even with all of its innovations, such as the Android operating system for smartphones, the bulk of Google’s income still comes from paid search. Microsoft would certainly like to have a larger piece of that pie, but how? In many ways, it seems like Microsoft is stuck back in the 90s, when it was the Big Thing that everyone had to conform to. But, as times have changed, Microsoft hasn’t in many important ways.

Struggling for Identity

While Microsoft still has a huge part of the personal computer operating system market, that same market is beginning to shrink. In 2012 alone, estimates indicate that the sales of personal computers fell by over 15% worldwide. Where did the sales go? It doesn’t take much to figure out that the beneficiaries have been companies that manufacture smartphones and tablets. But Microsoft is relatively absent in that space. Its Windows 7 operating system was not well received. Its latest incarnation, Windows 8, which is meant to allow a person to have the exact same experience as he or she would on a tablet or smartphone, has not been a resounding success. Microsoft has recently had to make a major update, called Windows 8.1, just in an attempt to capture some of that market. The fact that Google’s Android operating system is used by over 75% of the world’s mobile devices is probably of no comfort.

Searching for a Solution

Many years ago, Microsoft decided to rebrand its search engine, calling it Bing. Although it was refreshed with many new algorithms, most people still prefer to use Google. Then Microsoft made an association with Yahoo! – which had been a dominant player in the search engine world a few decades ago. Although that has worked fairly well, the fact is that Yahoo! continues to be used by fewer and fewer users, and any increase in search traffic to Microsoft is coming at Yahoo!’s expense.

Going Organic

Many people resist having to pay Google, Bing, or Yahoo! – or anyone else, for that matter – just to get noticed on search engines. One of the best methods to do so is to create quality content that people want to read and link one’s web page within the article. Writing articles is probably more science than art, although it is really a mix of the two. Hiring a guest posting service that can handle the whole process for you allows you to focus on your business and let your website naturally increase its rankings.

Would You Benefit By Becoming a Reseller?

Have you found your business is stuck in a difficult position? You have a customer base but you are now unable to move further due to the lack of time and capital you have available. You might have grand ideas but for now you’re unable to make the necessary investments required to push your business on to the next level?

Give your business a boost by becoming a marketing reseller

This is a common problem for the self-employed. It’s not easy to get yourself past the point of a one man show and take on employees. You need to find ways of expanding your services in a way that won’t drain all of your resources. You have to add value to your product range and discover ways of helping your customers and earn more money that won’t be a drain on your time. There is an option and it’s known as reselling.

Maximise the Revenue Potential of Your Existing Customers

When looking for easy and fast ways to grow a business you would be sensible to look into becoming a reseller. It’s a great way of getting the most revenue from each of your existing customers, and attracting more through your expanded services. It’s certainly a beneficial way of increasing your portfolio and an affordable way of adding value for your customers.

Add a New Service the Simple Way

When you decide to sell a new product you will need to come up with the service, decide how you’re going to find time to fulfil the service and leave a trail of happy and loyal customers behind you. You can avoid all of that hard work and expense by reselling a product that has already been created for you. The research has been completed, the audience is already there and the service is developed and ready to go. You have less capital to pay out and the risks are dramatically reduced.

New Work without the Work

It almost sounds too good to be true but in fact reselling is used by many businesses all over the world. The merchants have created the product and you can even brand it as your own but that’s not even the best news.  The merchant is the one that will have the resources and provide the support. You simply leave the hard work with them and you get paid in the process. There’s no stock to look after and your work load isn’t increased. This allows you the ability to continuing working as usual, providing your original services to the usual high standard.

Before you know it, your bottom line will look healthier and this can be used to help your business grow even more. You could take on new employees, focus on new areas of the business or simply free up some of your time and focus more on creating another new product of your own that will compliment your current services.

Consider becoming a Marketing Reseller to drive your business on and increase value to your customers. With no risk, no extra work and a large potential to increase your profits you have very little to lose.